Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore 

When it comes to today’s definition of a perfect Relationship many people have many different  theories.
What makes the difference between a terrific relationship and a miserable one?
No one can really predict the outcome of any relationship all one can do is try their best to make it work and hope for a good outcome also, there are some serious Red Flags that we all should pay attention to!
Red Flags 2
Below is a list of some of the Red Flags you should pay close attention to:
The Way They Talk About Their Exes
They Show Jealousy
They Tell Constant Little Lies
They Want To Keep Friends Separate
They One-Up Everything, Even The Bad Things
They Enjoy Misfortune
They Treat You Like A Project
They Keep Score
They Expect Too Much Too Soon
They’re Not Faithful
Pay close attention to this Video to know the signs and address these issues as soon as possible if you care to save your relationship!

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