10 Best Natural Sources of Fiber

It is very important to consume enough fiber daily, but what many of us don’t know is how much we need to consume and where can we find it. Women should have at least 24 grams per day, while men should have at least 38 grams per day. So here we give you the 10 best natural sources of fiber at this infographic.

10 sources of fiber 1

1. Pears: 1 pear equals 5 grams of fiber.
2. Raspberries: one cup of low-calorie raspberries equals 8 grams of fiber.
3. Oatmeal: one cup of cooked oatmeal equals 4 grams of fiber.
4. Artichokes: 1 artichoke equals 10 grams of fiber and just 65 calories.
5. Green peas: one cup of green peas equals 9 grams of fiber.
6. Whole Wheat Spaghetti: one cup equals 6 grams (whole wheat is a great way to start adding fiber to your diet)
7. Almonds: 24 almonds equals 4 grams of fiber.
8. Beans: one cup of beans equals 12 to 19 grams of fiber.
9. Winter squash: a cup of winter squash equals 9 grams of fiber.
10. Popcorn: 3 cups of popcorn equals 4 grams of fiber and just 90 calories. Go the natural way, do not use microwave popcorn, and go easy on the butter and cheese toppings.

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