A big big hug for this adorable kid and all children who are strong fighters..Love you all!

Here’s an amazing poem:

Walking On The Edge Of Life
© Lorna Mahan
The world keeps moving forward
as time stands still for me,
I am the kid with Cancer,
locked in battle to be free.
For all us kids on chemo
our lives are put on hold,
As we fight to stay alive,
our chances good were told.
Our attitude is courage
we live this life each day,
Just waiting for tomorrow,
praying cancer goes away.
Walking on the edge of life
We’re never looking down,
United here in front of you,
until a cure is found.

©2007 By Lorna Mahan & Sinjin Andrukates

Source: Child With Cancer, Walking On The Edge Of Life, Cancer Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/child-with-cancer#ixzz1qg62NRP3

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