Post-traumatic Stress disorder, or PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that affects many people after a traumatic event that caused intense fear ,hopelessness, or horror. This can happen as a result of personal trauma such as rape, war, natural disaster, abuse, an accident, or witnessing a violent or tragic event. The traumatic event has a serious and profound effect and this creates a perpetual feeling that life or the life of others is in danger, feelings of extreme hopelessness or fear. 

Its common to experience a brief state of anxiety and depression after such events, people suffering from PTSD suffer from reliving these moments in flashbacks. Flashbacks are as intense as the original trauma and create intense emotions of fear which can lead to phobias toward events, situations, or individuals. 
A person who suffered $e*[email protected] assault is going through a period of stress and depression and can develop post-traumatic stress, often reliving and remembering what happened. The person may feel hopeless or have terrifying nightmares.


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